Todo Para Todos

Todo Para Todos, meaning "Everything for Everyone" in Spanish, is a mutual aid formation organized by a collective of volunteers, neighbors, and community organizers working alongside hundreds of newly-arrived asylum seekers and migrants in the Pilsen area. 

From May 9 - September 3, 2023, we operated the only volunteer-led community home for migrants and asylum seekers in Chicago.  In addition to shelter and daily meals, our 260 residents received wrap-around services like immigration support, medical and mental health services, school enrollment, and more from a broad coalition of partners. Read more about our decision to sunset our shelter operations here.

Todo Para Todos provided more than just shelter and our work very much continues. 

While Todo Para Todos was created to address the crisis of migrants arriving in Chicago without food, water, shelter, or any support, the influx of asylum seekers is not the root of the issue. The real crisis is a misallocation of resources by global capitalist systems. Our mission at Todo Para Todos is to show each other that we can take care of each other. We have the ability to organize ourselves, provide material resources, and co-create joy and community with nothing but people-power and intentionality. To that point, we do not support the creation of tent camps, and are advocating for a citywide plan that safeguards the dignity and self-determination of migrants and asylum seekers. Read more about our position here. 

Our work continues. We have successfully placed nearly all of the 260 Todo Para Todos alumni into safe, stable housing and are working to furnish their apartments, fill their pantries, and help them achieve stability. We continue to work on placing our new neighbors into safe, stable housing. 

We need your support to help us make Chicago a place of joy, understanding, and radical community building. With your help, we can create a society that embraces our new neighbors and empowers them to build a life of dignity and purpose here in Chicago.